08 December 2005

Open question: What does a flatter World mean in terms of organizational Knowledge Management?

This is to start a discussion thread on the impact of our World getting flatter - mainly due to technological advances - on Organizations and their efforts to leverage their value-added Knowledge.

Note: To get a really good sense of this flattening of the World, I advise you to read "The World Is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-first Century" by Thomas Friedman (2005).

Reem Saied gives a good short analysis of Freidman's book.

An initial assertion: A Flat World increases the power of individuals through their specific knowledge.

Technological advances have made the World become “flat” and successful organizations of the future will be the ones that embrace this fact and take full advantage of it before their competitors. This increasingly flat World is described by Thomas Friedman as “[…] a global, Web-enabled playing field that allows for multiple forms of collaboration – the sharing of knowledge and work – in real time, without regard to geography, distance, or, in the near future, even language”. In such a World, it is clear that the span of influence of each individual is virtually the entire World.

The key value-adding differentiator for individuals is their specific knowledge (as the sum of their skills, competences and experiences, modulated by their interpersonal qualities and cultural background).

Peter-Anthony Glick
Leveraging Organizational Knowledge


At 4:47 PM, Blogger Peter-Anthony Glick said...

I found this link to 3 articles by Tom Stewart (a KM guru) in which he introduces what it means to manage in "real time" for organization, and why globalization makes increasingly more companies having to manage in real time.

I want to highlight the following 2 quotes:
"...exchanging information is a fundamental transaction, more valuable even than exchanging cash". [...]
"Why open the kimono on information companies usually keep under wraps? There is a cost - information is power, and you're giving some up - but in return you get higher, more valuable knowledge: You can watch the market from the catbird seat, knowing what's hot and not."


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