18 May 2006

Seven lessons learned with Knowledge Management initiatives

If a shared information repository contains mostly information that people are used to find elsewhere, you’re wasting your time, it won’t be used.

“[...] make sure the system is easy and comfortable to use – in fact, easier and more comfortable than ignoring the system.” R. Buckman

For an individual (or a group) to contribute information, he/she must expect and obtain at least as much in return.

A deep cultural change in the organization can only succeed with a top-down approach.

Start small with “quick wins” and build on their growing reputation.

Pilot each new solution with welcoming teams and individuals. Keep the most resistant groups for last, they’ll follow when every one else is on board.

The “correct” level of information categorization depends on the tool, on the purpose and on the intended user community: Too much categorization adds unnecessary complexity and stifles creativity; too little leads to unproductive chaos.

Peter-Anthony Glick