22 January 2008

I suppose I must thank you all...

Sorry for a bit of self gratification but I had to tell you about this.

I have been approached recently by Colleen Carmean, a PhD candidate at Capella University, researching new tools and practices in informal, just-in-time, self-regulated learning that contributes to organizational knowledge and effective business practices.

Colleen asked if I was interested in contributing to her research. I accepted with pleasure but what I really had to mention here on my blog is the fact that her research started with a selective analysis of Knowledge & Learning related sites ( ).

Colleen explains on her site:

The study tapped into the Blogosphere's version of both popularity and peer review to determine trusted
"experts" who are writing about:

  • organizational knowledge
  • organizational learning
  • just in time learning
  • informal learning
  • emergent learning. “

Starting with 885 sites, Colleen ended up with a list of the 24 most trusted sites and guess what? This site you are reading now is among them!

So I must thank you all, regular readers of my blog, for your encouraging support.

Colleen then writes to define her objective:

it is the intention of this study to gather knowledge on effective design and support of environments for shared knowledge via collective inquiry by community-identified and connected experts. How we can best design and support emergent learning in the creation of organizational and shared knowledge?

I wish Colleen success for her PhD and no doubt I will write again about it.

Peter-Anthony Glick


At 5:58 AM, Blogger Cole said...

Hi Peter:
What you didn't repeat is the comment that perhaps it gives Bloggers a sense of the difference they make, even if none of us are commenting.

We feed, we read, we take your ideas and some of us create dissertations from the knowledge trusted Bloggers share.

Thank you!
And thank you for your time, your questions, your participation in the survey and revisions to come ;)


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