31 August 2008

Heathrow T5 opening fiasco continues to haunt travellers minds!

Back in April, I wrote about Heathrow irport Terminal 5 opening fiasco.
I explained why I believe that on the part of British Airways, it was mostly due to a lack of training and lack of user acceptance testing of all the new systems and procedures.
I also deduced from this that BA probably had an authoritative management style, a very hierarchical structure, and a corporate culture that didn't allow individuals at the bottom of the pyramid to voice concerns and constructive criticism in an effective manner.

Later on, I watched amazed on BBC TV news , BA's CEO Willie Walsh acknowledging that his company's management did anticipate a difficult T5 opening, but that it was decided that the costs of delaying it would be greater than the potential costs of a failed opening!

The costs directly attributed to the fiasco was estimated at £16m, already a big sum. However, I wonder if Mr Walsh and his team did account for this: Virgin sales are up thanks to T5 troubles


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