03 March 2008

Great synthesis of KMers' current thinking

On 22nd Jan, I informed you of Colleen Carmean's PhD work on new practices in design and support of shared knowledge environments, and that I was proud and delighted to be in the shortlist of KM specialists asked to participate in her research.
Well, Colleen has now completed the synthesis of all the participants inputs and has now posted it in a wiki for all to see. Read it! It's truly a great summary of the current thinking of KM specialists on the following 6 key concerns:

1. INHERENT CHARACTERISTICS of effective emergent learning environments
3. Fostering SHARING, COLLABORATION and NETWORKING of organizational knowledge
4. Fostering better expression and sharing of TACIT KNOWLEDGE
5. Potential TOOLS or PRACTICES for finding, creating and encouraging organizational knowledge
6. GREATEST PRIORITY in creating a more effective digital workplace

I must agree with it all as I was given a chance to revise it before publication.

You can post comments here as Colleen reads my blog or here is her site.


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