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28 January 2010

W.L. Gore & Associates: A workplace that epitomize the corporate culture conducive to knowledge-sharing I keep bragging about

Check the full news article on the W.L. Gore & Associates website but here is the extract that made my day:

In addition to its diverse innovations, Gore is known for its unique, team-based culture and flat management style. President and CEO Terri Kelly said Gore remains true to its core values, even in the face of challenging business conditions.
"We recognize the importance of fostering a work environment where people feel motivated, engaged and passionate about the work they do," she said. "In difficult economic times, the true values of an organization are tested, and I am proud to say that our associates have rallied together to make the company stronger than ever. Our culture promotes an incredible level of ownership and entrepreneurship. It encourages associates to channel their talents and interests to produce a continuous stream of innovative, high-value products for our customers."


How many more successful example like this one do most leaders need to be convinced that this is the right type of corporate culture in the Knowledge Economy?

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